LMBoinc - BOINC 'Hello World!' Example

This project includes one scientific application (lmboinc) to modify film-sequences with standard image manipulation algorithms and scripts to install a BOINC project automatically.
Furthermore, scripts handle the process to checkout, configure, and compile the BOINC sources.
Additionally, this project creates all necessary input files and workunits which should be handled by lmboinc.
This BOINC example is covered by an article in a german magazin for professional Linux users [LM].
The source is published under the GPL license.

[LM] Christian Benjamin Ries und Christian Schröder, Public Resource Computing mit Boinc, 03/2011, Linux-Magazin, Deutschland, März, 2011, web

How-to use...

Below you will find a download link for the last version of lmboinc.
The files include an step-by-step installation manual.


These videos show the results of this BOINC project installation. For this example we use Big Buck Bunny as input video.


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